The Scarecrow Story (Arkham Series) HD (EN titulky)

Scarecrow is one of Batman’s most devastating villains, as he can tap into your deepest fears and use them against you. Scarecrow is the main villain in Arkham Knight, and appears prominently in Arkham Asylum. We used his audio files from Arkham Knight, but felt that the audio files from other games didn’t fit quite right with the rest of the story. Unlike the Joker and Harley stories, you don’t actually play as Scarecrow but nonetheless we feel the video really highlights his story arc in the Arkham series. Like our other “Story” editions, we’ve cut up a game movie together using only Scarecrow scenes. This was the most requested of the villains (other than Joker and Harley), hope you enjoy! Make sure to like, comment and share!


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